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     BBB Filati yarn

Titan wool SPA  , which brandi s B.B.B. filati -  the worldwide known company produces wide assortment of nice, colorful yarn. They suit both for professional knitting and for beginners. Threads can easily go through knitting and unknotting process which can’t be avoided during learning process. The fundament for the historical name of the company is highly qualified professionals, excellent equipment and will to create the best yarn in the World. Company’s name is well known and valued worldwide now.  Especially popular yarns are from Alpaca and Merino sheep wool which are exclusive and do not have equals.This company has huge experience in producing yarn and is one of leading companies in the world in this field. We are proud that have acquired the right to represent  the brand B.B.B. Filati of  Titan wool SPA.


Yarn Nako

Introducing the well known worldwide brand Nako. This hand knitting yarn produced a group of companies Ormo, which makes the yarn for the well-known European and American brands. All yarn produced by the company Ormo, certified by quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2000. Turkish yarn NAKO today enjoys wide popularity. Affordable price, excellent quality, wide color gamma – therefore this a Turkish yarn demand among professionals and among people , who taking their first steps in the field of knitting.


Yarn by ONline  

Today ONline is one of the leading brand of yarn, with the big circle of buyers both in Germany and abroad. It is a well known brand with their own handwriting. ONline combines high-quality yarn from the best world manufacturers with superior competence in the field of fashion and variety of materials. No matter what new trends are set by designers - you'll find them at ONline.


Yarn Cheval Blanc 

The French company «UTE» founded in 1930 by the European textile association, has been producing classic yarn for knitting with the name “Cheval Blanc”. A distinctive feature of their products is the extensive use of high-quality acrylic yarn in a mixture with wool and cotton. Acrylic Yarn of Cheval Blanc has a large volume, fluffy. According to visual characteristics, it is very similar to wool.


ADDI supplies for knitting and handworks

Gustav Selter GmbH and Co. KG - a German manufacturer of needles, hooks and other attachments for knitting is the most popular brand in Europe named ADDI. Moreover, the important point is that this company - the only remaining manufacturer of needles and crochets, which manufactures its products in Europe country , in Germany, which in itself speaks about its quality. For circular needles feature is that the line at the connection to the spoke so well fortified that almost never breaks.


PRYM supplies for knitting and handworks

The German firm PRYM is a leading global manufacturer of accessories for sewing, knitting and crafts. The basis of the current success of the company - it's a 400-year tradition of the company. All products are made from the finest materials, making them durable. At all stages of production and processing laid the highest standards. Volume meets the widest range of customer needs.


PONY supplies for knitting and handworks

Indian company «Needle Industries Limited (India)» - the world leader in the production of sewing and knitting accessories for knitting and needlework, known under the brand name «PONY». Excellent product quality of PONY based on high technology. All the products are packed in a beautiful and convenient packages. Products of this brand are varied, good quality and reasonable price. Each year the company delights its customers with new products.




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